On October 10th, 2021, we gathered to share in a wonderful ham dinner with all the “fixings” donated by the members of our church. It was lively and all proclaimed the great fun and camaraderie. We celebrated Deacon Steve’s many contributions to our church after Fr. Gary Drinkwater went on sabattical. He celebrated Deacon’s Mass with us on Sundays, helped us with Church administration and contributed to our physical plant projects. Deacon Steve Bunnell’s counseling practice has grown substantially over the last year and he has been called to dedicate his time to his practice. We shall miss him but wish him well as he continues to serve his clients. At the same dinner we were fortunate to welcome Fr. Bob Menas as our interim priest. Fr Menas celebrated the mass on that day and preached a wonderful homily. We are very grateful to our diocese for the help they provided us in making sure our weekly services can continue. Please stop by on any Sunday at 10:00 and meet us and our priest. We should be glad to have you!